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Smart Fridge

No Lines. No Checkout. No, Seriously.

Leading organizations everywhere are rethinking the workplace to meet the demands of their workforce, and yours can too! The Smart Fridge system uses a swipe, grab, and go method that will have you eating healthy and on your way back to work in record time – promoting well-being, providing choice and building community within the workplace. 

With the Smart Fridge, you have food options on the go that are always fresh and always open, so you can control your schedule. We offer regular deliveries that match the needs of your workplace and distribute uneaten food to the underserved community. Included are monthly reports on program participation, making it easy to evaluate the value of our service. 


Effortless access to fresh food, 24/7.

2-5 fresh, healthy meals, snacks and drink deliveries per week.

Turn-key service with flexible contract.

Rotating and fresh menu.

Plan Cost

$250 per month

One time $250 setup fee

Add-Ons Available:

  • Happy Hour Discounts
  • Sponsored Subsidies
  • Employer Subsidies
  • Coupons